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JetBlue’s New Onboard Entertainment Includes Meditation Sessions to Help Passengers Chill During Turbulence

November 10th, 2019

JetBlue has long been a rather zen airline thanks to its relaxing interior lighting, onboard amenities, and especially for its Mint lay flatbeds. However, the airline is hoping to take relaxation to the next level with an exclusive wellness meditation experience passengers can take advantage of mid-air.


In partnership with the wellness app Inscape, JetBlue will soon introduce inflight meditation options available at 35,000 feet. There, passengers can stream 20 curated meditation sessions right from the seatback entertainment screens. According to Business Traveler, the options include “Flying without Fear,” “Jet Lag Relief,” and “Inflight Mindfulness.” The streaming options also include breathing exercises and sleepscapes to help people drift off to sleep.

Other options, The Observer noted, will include sessions like “Tranquil not Turbulent,” which is a seated meditation meant to help anxious passengers find a bit of calm during bumpier patches of air. Anyone onboard a red eye will certainly appreciate the “Relaxed Red Eye Sleep” session, which comes with a hypnotic sound bath to help people catch some zzz’s.

And the relaxation doesn’t have to stop once you land. Those who enjoyed the sessions in the air can also download the Inscape app and get a discount for an annual membership.

This isn’t the only new programming the airline is rolling out this month. AsBusiness Traveler explained, passengers onboard JetBlue flights this month will also gain access to full seasons of select Showtime shows. On the ground, passengers will again be rewarded with a special 30-day free trial offer to the Showtime streaming service.

Back on board the planes, passengers can soon listen to podcasts — including hits like “Business of HYPE,” “Conspiracy Theories, Dope Labs,” “Heavyweight”, “The Horror of Dolores Roach” — thanks to JetBlue’s new partnership with Spotify, and read up on the latest news and trends thanks to its partnership with PressReader.

Who knows, maybe this will finally turn the tide on just how stressful flying has become.


Source: Travel + Leisure